Launch Team is looking for volunteer coaches. The program is designed to engage youth 18 and under in an effort to set them on the path to the successful completion of a half marathon. Prospective volunteers should be comfortable working with teenagers in small groups and must have a passion for running with a positive attitude. Formal coaching experience is not required but volunteer coaches should have a general knowledge of half marathon training plans and of other race day preparations. Background checks will be performed on all applicants.

The program is scheduled to last from June until the race in September. Coaches must be available for group runs two days a week for 1-2 hours each. Coaches will work with the head coach of each location and the program director. Coaches will be compensated with a free entry to the half marathon.

Head Coaches

Rayna Drago: Program Director and Head Coach of Cottonwood Heights group: I love to run and I love to coach runners! I started running marathons over 14 years ago with the Los Angeles Roadrunners and after my first marathon I was hooked! I continued to run many more races and have completed 34 marathons and over 60 half marathons to date. Because I loved my LA training group so much I became a Pace Leader and then an Assistant Coach and then 9 years later, I was given the position of Head Coach of the Westlake Village Roadrunners. I love to train people and encourage and support them on their quest to complete any and all running distances. Since moving to Salt Lake City, I am grateful to have been given opportunities with the REVEL Big Cottonwood family and now The Launch Team. To help these great kids train hard and dedicate themselves to completing a half marathon is amazing and incredibly rewarding.
Catey Ball
Catie Ball: Head Coach of the Daybreak group: I enjoy racing and have run dozens of races from half marathons up to 50 miles, and realized along the way that I enjoy helping others train for their goals as well. I found that I especially enjoy training and running with my children! Of my ten children, eight of them have completed at least a 5k, and four of them have completed half marathons. Watching them work to accomplish a difficult goal and seeing them enjoy the rewards of their effort is incredible. Being able to take that experience and work with other youth in The Launch Team, and helping them achieve a huge goal, is an awesome experience!
Lane Brooks: Head Coach of the Thanksgiving Point group: I have run 45 marathons and founder of the Launch Team. My son McKay is the inspiration for this program. McKay ran his first half marathon after completing the inagurual year of the Launch Team.

Apply To Be A Coach

Tell us about yourself. Why are you applying to be a coach? What experience do you have with running and/or coaching? What experience do you have working with youth?